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Things You Should Know About Professional Make Up Artists

Ever wondered what professional make up artists like Bobbi Brown, Alexis Vogel, Kevyn Aucoin have done to get where they are? Some of you would say money, connections and skills. But before their names were echoing in the competitive world of make up, they had to work hard and of course, be proficient in what they were doing.

For these Professional makeup artists, the road to success wasn’t just having the great creative skills. Their work ethics goes hand in hand with their creativity that ultimately led them to success.  Want to be that successful like them? Here are a few tricks of the trade that will guide you as a professional make up artist in this cut-throat industry.

Professional Makeup Artists are service centred people. What that means is, it’s not just the pay you bring home that matters to you but the quality of service you provide to your clients. Showing up early for the call time, understanding your client needs and offering your services as a professional make up artist without any “dramatic” attitude are just a few of the things you can do. Remember that your client is the main subject of your service, and not the other way around.

Professional Make Up Artists knows how to act accordingly.  Difficult clients, meticulous demands, uncooperative colleagues are all part of the job. Positively working towards these challenges will set you apart and creates a good reputation for you in the industry you belong in.

Professional Makeup Artists knows how to talk and be quiet. If you ever collaborated with people whom you didn’t have a good working experience with, or a client left you a bad taste in the mouth, and you start talking to people about how awful the experiences were. Then you are not being a professional make up artists. Remember that words spread out easily, and these negative statements will eventually be traced back to you.  And yes, doing that is not professional at all!  A professional make up artist never talks behind the backs of their clients, colleagues or anyone they have dealt business with.  

Professional Make Up  Artists exudes the right confidence.  As a professional make up artist, it is expected of you to highlight your achievements in the makeup  industry in cosmetics . But remember, there is a thin line between “stating” and “bragging”. Should you need to mention it, keep it to a minimal and avoid taking full credit for the job. Remember that whatever it is you do, there are one or more people that helped you in achieving your success..